Better Smelling Feet and Shoes

Better smelling feet and shoes?  Water is the culprit and guilty as charged. Bad shoe and foot odors begin with foot beds and shoe leather that don’t dry out after wearing.  Up to half a pint of water is released through the balls of our feet each day.  If you work on your feet or are athletic, multiply that several times!  Teenage boys seem to have more of an issue with this with a combination of hormones and activity.

Handle the water problem and your shoes and feet will no longer be the scourge of your household.  Here are some the ways to do that:

  • Wear copper, bamboo or silver socks that wick moisture away from your foot.  These socks also control bacteria growth, and it is bacteria that produces the bad odor.
  • Stop wearing cotton socks.  Despite the belief of many that a natural material is best, cotton socks contribute more to blisters than any other sock material. They absorb moisture and when wet, they are more abrasive than copper, bamboo or silver socks.  
  • Place cedar shoe trees inside your shoes after each wearing to dry them out.  The trees only need to stay in overnight, but alternating shoes each day extends the life of the shoe.
  • Use regular deodorant or a foot deodorant, or foot powder with the ingredient nano zinc oxide.  You only need to put the deodorant on the balls of the feet.
  • Wear shoes with adequate height (toe room) and the right length and width to allow air to move in the shoe.
  • Some shoes are available with foot beds/insoles that are made with charcoal, copper, bamboo or silver.  Insoles made with these materials will prevent bacteria from developing and the odor that goes with it.

Copyright:  Carole Romig 2014

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